Green Vibrance 30-day
Balanced Nutrition for Optimum Health

Chlorophyll from the green foods support intestinal and liver health, improve oxygen transfer by the blood, support elimination of certain toxins and heavy metals, and offer additional protection in other ways. Lecithin helps maintain the structure of every cell membrane, and along with policosanol, supports healthy cholesterol levels and nerve function. Patented Phytoboron helps assure bone and joint health, and helps normalize primary hormonal levels in men and women.

Antioxidants can slow aging by combating free radical damage. Each serving of Green Vibrance delivers a powerful 120 mg. of phytoantioxidants in addition to the beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E and other antioxidants naturally present in other ingredients.

Who can benefit from Green Vibrance Green Drink Powder?

In a word: EVERYONE!

•Anyone pursuing health (helps maintain health by ensuring essential nutrition)

•Menopausal and post-menopausal women

•Business executives (combats stress)

•Children (fuels growth & learning)

•Seniors (combats effects of aging; maintains cellular vitality)

•Athletes (to support strength, endurance, and to supply anti-oxidant protection)

•The ill (provides essential nutrition necessary for the restoration of health)

If you are looking for just one product to support your daily health then Green Vibrance should be your No 1 choice. It is an excellent investment in your present and future health.

Green Vibrance Green Drink Powder contains more friendly probiotics than any other superfood. It also contains Vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency is increasingly being connected with many health problems.

Take a daily scoop of Green Vibrance powder in water or with your favourite juice or smoothie. Alternatively you can take your daily greens in capsule form. Each serving delivers 64 fine certified organic and concentrated foods and extracts.

Green Vibrance Drink Powder is manufactured by Vibrant Health a leading US specialist formulator of superfoods and complex natural dietary supplements. Green Vibrance powder was independently ranked as the no1 Green Foods Brand in the US and also the No 1 brand in powdered food Supplements.

Vibrant Health have a policy of full disclosure of ingredients- there are no fillers and nothing to hide . Every ingredient is there for a purpose. It is supplied in a 360gms container which is a 30 day supply under normal usage. Alternatively you can buy the large container which contains 720gms sufficient for 2 months providing even better value for money.


As a food, once each day - or more often if you would like - mix one rounded tablespoon scoop (enclosed) of Green Vibrance into 4 to 8 ounces of your favorite juice, rice beverage, or water. Stir briskly or shake briefly in a closed container until mixed. Drink, enjoy and prosper.

Breakfast - or anytime - is great for Green Vibrance.

Proper Care & Storage

Green Vibrance contains more friendly, healthful probiotics than any other superfood. Please store Green Vibrance in your freezer (best) or refrigerator (good) after opening.