Hair Mineral Analysis

What is the benefit of using hair analysis?

Hair analysis will reveal significant variations in the nutritional and endocrine status of the individual before abnormalities in the blood can be found. It will often disclose results that would not be apparent from diagnostic tests. Rather than repeating diagnostic tests, which can be costly and uncomfortable, hair analysis may reveal abnormalities not found through other routine tests when considered in the context of the overall condition. For example, someone suffering from Multiple Sclerosis is usually found to have a severe copper deficiency relative to other elements; copper is required for the myelination of the nerves.

What does hair reflect?

During the growth process, metabolic activity is greatly increased, exposing the hair to the individual's internal metabolic environment. As the hair reaches the surface of the skin, its outer layers harden, locking in a stable, long-term blueprint of cellular metabolic activity and tissue storage levels of trace elements.

Hair is the second most metabolically active tissue. The first couple of inches of growth closest to the scalp can give a good indication of the nutrient and toxic metal exposure over the previous six to eight weeks. Mineral levels in the blood are less stable. Constituents in the blood are susceptible to changes according to the time of day, emotional changes or foods eaten prior to taking the sample. Blood serum may not accurately reflect the levels of accumulation of, for example, a toxic metal such as lead, where the body's protective mechanisms act to remove the lead from the serum and deposit it into tissues such as the liver, bones and hair.

Hair is ideal for mineral testing. Unlike blood, it can be sampled easily and it is simple to transport.

A properly obtained sample indicates your body's mineral levels and your accumulation of toxic metals. You can detect what the levels are right now and see how the levels have changed during the last month or two. A blood test cannot do this.

" Do you enjoy life to the full but sometimes lack energy?

" Are your powers of concentration letting your down?

" When was the last time you were performing at your best?

Everyone knows that you can't necessarily perform at 100% without a good diet, proper rest and a balanced lifestyle. But what is less well known is how the lack of the right minerals can throw you off your stride. Many essential minerals are not produced naturally.

Fertility Zinc deficiency can cause infertility in men

Heart Calcium strengthens bones and helps the heart work efficiently

Blood Iron enriches the blood, assisting oxygenation. Average iron

Intake is only one third the recommended daily intake

Ageing Selenium is widely believed to offer protection against some

cancers and many ageing conditions. Selenium deficiency is

common in the UK.

Endurance Phosphorus is linked to endurance. Deficiency can cause

mental confusion, irritability and low resistance to infection.

Why test for minerals?

Minerals play a key role in our biological systems. Minerals interrelate with all other nutrients in the body, and ensure they are effectively utilised. They are necessary activators or constituents of enzymes, and are also essential for hormone production. For example, zinc is involved in the production, storage and secretion of insulin and is also necessary for growth hormones.

Unlike some vitamins they are not produced naturally in the body. You need the right amount and balance of the required minerals for you to operate at your best.

Mineral Check

Mineral check is the simple way of checking your body's mineral levels - through a small sample of hair. Vital information about the body's chemistry is locked into every strand of hair, reflecting your energy, diet, environment and well-being. Mineralcheck tells you whether your body has all the minerals you need - and in the right quantities.

Are you wasting money? If you don't know your body's mineral levels, you won't know your body's needs. Which is why taking mineral supplements without Mineralcheck can be wasteful and may contribute to future imbalances.

Mineral imbalances or deficiencies can cause:

Depression Heart failure

Infertility Hair loss

Insomnia Skin disorder

Brittle bones