How to Order

Step One - Add a Product

To place an order, first click on the "add to trolley" button (1) for the product you wish to purchase.

You will then be directed to a confirmation page - Step 1 of the checkout process - where you can either confirm (4) or cancel the addition of the product to your order. You can also change the product quantity in the quantity box (2) and go straight to the next stage of checkout. If you wish to specify a delivery address that is different to the invoice address, you should tick the box where prompted (3).

Step Two - Product Added

If you chose to click on "confirm", your product will now be added to the cart and you will be automatically directed back to the page from which you came. During this short process you will see a screen similar to the one below.

When the above page has gone, a notification (5) of what is in your cart (number of items and total value) will be displayed on almost every page. At this point, you can either continue shopping for other products by repeating the steps above, amend your basket or skip straight to checkout. You will find the "view basket" and "checkout" links (6 & 7) in the top right of the screen.

Step Three - View Basket/Amend Order

To amend your order, click on one of the "view basket" links (6 & 7). Your basket will show a description of any added products, an option to change the quantities (8) of such products, their unit price and total cost, and a checkbox option to remove (9) any of the products from the order. Please note that you can also remove products from your basket by entering "0" in the Quantity (8) box. Whatever action you choose to update the cart, you will need to click on the "update" button (10) just beneath the main table - this will apply any changes you make to your order.

You will also find some other options alongside the "update" button (10). They are "save", "retrieve", "continue" (11) and "checkout" (12). The "save" option will store your order for future use and can be recovered later by clicking on "retrieve". If at this stage you wanted to shop for more products, you can click on "continue" (11) or indeed any of the main site links. You can also go straight to checkout by clicking on its namesake button (12).

Step Four - Checkout (Step 2)

Step 2 of the checkout process requires you to provide information necessary to proceed with your order, such as your name and address. You will also be asked to confirm that you have read our terms & conditions of sale (15), which you must read before continuing with your order. There is an additional option here if you want us to remember your details (14) for any future orders. At any point of the checkout process you can view your order by clicking on the "view order details" (13) link.

Step Five - Checkout (Step 3)

Step 3 of the checkout process is largely optional, asking you how you found our website, your reason for buying and ways in which we can improve our service to you. Please feel free to send us your comments as we value all customer feedback.

If you opted to choose separate delivery & invoice addresses in Step 1 of the checkout process, you will be asked to specifiy the delivery address here. Simply add your new delivery address and then check the "new address" option (17) before proceeding. You can save multiple delivery addresses (16) in your online address book.

Step Six - Checkout (Step 4)

Step 4 of the checkout process notifies you that you are ready to enter your credit or debit card details via Netbanx, our secure payment service provider. To do this click on the "Submit Payment" button (18).

Step Seven - Complete Payment

Using Netbanx is straightforward - simply add your credit or debit card details to the necessary boxes and then click on "Transmit". You will then be directed to a printable receipt page where you can also navigate back to our website. An e-mail confirmation of your order will be sent to you.

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