About NHM Worldwide

Company Background

Natural Health Ministry was founded in 1995. We began, as many companies do, with an idea and a passion. The idea that every woman is unique and deserves choices in health care is still the foundation for our company philosophy, information and options are based on individual need.

The passion to improve the health and lives of women has evolved into our corporate mission and guides our strategic and day to day business decisions.

Natural Health Products

Natural Health Ministry offers a full line of menopause solutions. All our products are of premium quality and offer unique solutions to individual needs.

Information Services

The Natural Health Ministry has always recognized the unmet consumer need for objective, accessible, and relevant health information. Since its inception, we have employed staff physicians to speak directly to consumers, write and edit educational materials, and interact with other health care professionals. As consumers become more knowledgeable, their demand for timely information increases. In response to this need, Natural Health Ministry has formalized its information services into the Well Woman's Information Service. The Network's primary purposes are consumer advocacy & outreach. Network services range from public speaking to one on one consultations.

For more information visit our contact section.

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