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Pro-Zyme (90 Tablets)

Pro-Zyme (90 Tablets)

Price: 18.00

Pro-Zyme is a functional food supplement with essential digestive enzymes to aid your digestion.

The enzymes in Pro-Zyme can improve overall digestive health by increasing your ability to absorb more of the nutrients from the food you eat, by breaking down carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and support your body’s natural defences and immune system.

Increase the number of enzymes in your body: essential for good health

Enzymes can ease symptoms of constipation, IBS and indigestion

Increase the amount of nutrients absorbed

Support your body’s defences and immune system

Suitable for Vegetarians and Diabetics

Enzymes are essential for your health. Unfortunately they deplete with age and are challenged by traditional Western diet of cooked and processed food - all of which effects and stresses your body’s digestive system.

Topping up your digestive enzymes with a good enzyme supplement such as Pro-Zyme, can aid your digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Green Vibrance 30-day

Green Vibrance 30-day

Price: 42.75

30-Day Supply of Green Vibrance Powder

345 grams (12.17 oz)

Green Vibrance Powder is not just a great 'greens product'. In addition to the wide range of green grass juices and green vegetables it has a wide range of antioxidant plants, enzymes and probiotics to support the whole body. Green Vibrance Powder has led the way in green food supplement development since 1992.

Green Vibrance Powder is the one supplement that everyone should be taking daily to build and maintain their health.

Green Vibrance Powder supports the four foundations of health: nutrition, digestion, circulation and immunity with additional benefits for all body systems. It delivers a host of trace nutrients that may be absent or deficient in modern diets. Green Vibrance...

•Is highly alkalising and promotes better body acid/alkali balance.

•Supports efficient circulation in order to deliver nutrients to every cell of the body.

•Supports efficient clearance of waste products of metabolism and detoxification

•Supports neurological health

•It helps to maintain high levels of energy

•Supports a vigorous and efficient immune system to ward off disease, it gives increased antioxidant protection.

•Rehabilitates and maintains a healthy digestive tract, thereby improving nutrient absorption.

Green Vibrance Green Drink Powder - nutrient dense with no fillers.

Green Vibrance Green Drink Powder uses carefully selected certified organic and wild harvested concentrated foods to support and improve the basic four bodily functions essential to life. Five organic cereal grass juices including wheatgrass and barley grass, alone deliver virtually all known nutrients and several "growth factors". Spirulina, Chlorella, alfalfa sprouts, broccoli sprouts, carrot, spinach, parsley, zucchini, green bean and Hydrilla verticillata enrich nutrient density and diversity of Green Vibrance powder .

The Probiotics of GREEN VIBRANCE green drink powder . Vibrant Health's industry leading 25 billion probiotics per serving at date of manufacture, improves digestion, the one system that must function well if health is to be maintained. Probiotics in Green Vibrance green drink powder break down proteins for easy assimilation, help transport minerals across the intestinal mucosa and synthesize several B-vitamins. They simultaneously create an inhospitable environment for unfriendly bacteria and yeast, reducing the size of their colonies. Probiotics are supported by fructo-oligosaccharides and Fiber-Aid-arabinogalactans. Each of these prebiotics helps expand the colonies of beneficial probiotics.


Para Pack - (180 Tablets)

Para Pack - (180 Tablets)

Price: 19.99

Copper (AAC) with Vitamin B2 as a Synergist More...

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